Mustang Customizer

Website and mobile app with Jam3

Start your imaginations

Mustang Customizer is one of the great ideas brought to life by Jam3 for their iconic car client. It was the world’s first 3D WebGL car customizer, where yo could unleash your imaginations and built a Mustang of your dreams in full 3D. The customizer was offered as mobile app and web browser version.

With unified codebase that was reused across desktop and mobile (as both a website and an Android and iOS app), I was responsible for location module. Calling Ford data API directly, allowed the customer in real time to find nearest dealership where Mustang is available and can be purchased. In addition, working close with extremely talented Jam3 team I also helped creating WebGL UI for the mobile app.


  • Jam3


  • Ford


  • 2015


  • Mobile app
  • Website


  • Full stack